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A Great Multitude In the 1980s, Wycliffe founder William Cameron Townsend — affectionately known as “Uncle Cam” — delivered an inspirational and stirring speech at the memorial service of a fallen missionary. In this video, we listen to his words and take a look back on the history of Wycliffe as an organization. But more than that, we reflect on the mission and charge that we have been given as individuals to carry the gospel message into the world. For over 75 years, Wycliffe has helped people groups translate God's Word into their own languages, and will continue to do so until every man, woman and child has access to Scripture in the language and form that speaks to their heart. You'll notice that this video contains wording that you likely haven't encountered from Wycliffe in several decades. Our language has progressed over time, but the message and heart behind the powerful words remain. Wycliffe’s mission is to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by 2025. A copy of this video can be downloaded at:

Why the Bible?


Hungering and Thirsting for His Word, How the bible impacted a family.

Here is a video we did recognizing why the Bible is important to us. September Wycliffe is asking everyone #WhyBible. Please share your story. #OnMission The video is about 7 min long and include all three of our stories. Alyssa wrote her own. All this has led to our mission with Wycliffe. Connect with us so we can share it with you.
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