Pending storm on the rocks

The Morning After

There is change in the air. Changing weather often brings storms. When cool winter air meets spring warm air, there are often storms as a result. Recently we had heavy winds and even tornadoes warnings. My phone, which alerts me to various warnings, kept going off all afternoon.  Power even went out in parts of the city.

We, too, are entering a new season, and with it materialize the resulting storms. The excitement, newness, adventure, and dreams meeting with the unknown, uncertainty, doubts, and fears. A few days ago we had a fun, albeit full day. We attended the weekly morning chapel meeting down at JAARS where some friends from our training at Wycliffe were speaking. It was a good time connecting with others and being part of the wonderful work proceeding from this base of support for global missions. We came home and prepared for a presentation in our neighborhood that evening. The presentation went well, and we were encouraged. At bedtime we acknowledged the day was good, albeit full, yet good. We were tired but content in all we experienced in the day. The next day…Anxiety…  Just like an unexpected storm, this anxiety tornado had its winds coming from all directions, hitting each of us differently. I had to prepare for another presentation and an event coming up soon. Instead of being energized by the day before, I was anxious and unfocused. Making progress was difficult. Beth, after taking a day off from her work, was having to fight being overwhelmed as she juggled Hospice and our mission with Wycliffe. Even our daughter, Alyssa, was experiencing her own storm. After a full day of homeschool, thirty minutes after tucking her into bed, she came into our room in tears.  The storms of change had hit her too.

But storms don’t last. I saw this picture the day after. If we focus on the storms, as in a tornado, we will be all turned around, become discouraged, and get beaten up. Instead we focus on God’s gracious promises. We reach outside the storm, we look to where we are headed, and we run the race that is set before us*. Let us never stop encouraging each other** to run it well, to focus our eyes and hearts on the sunrise—the morning after.

Morning Sunrise

*Hebrews 12:1 , **Hebrews 10:25


  1. Doug 3 years ago February 29, 2016

    Praying for you my friends in Christ! We are going through some family storms at the moment as well. But we all know Who holds it all together, and Who will win in the end. Blessings my friends!

    • Kirk Bleavins 3 years ago February 29, 2016

      That is why we need to continue to encourage each other. Thanks so much for sharing.


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