Technology and Bible Translation

God gave us the ability to make tools (technology). He also lets us choose what to do with them. BUT, he has given us a job to do (go into all the world, make disciples…) and these tools can make the job possible. Some of the items which will allow us to provide every language group with God’s Word are:

Global communications

  • Internet and voice communications now available globally due to satellite systems and growing cell tower technology. Translators can back up data to the cloud, and translators can consult remotely in multiple locations.


Advancing transportation systems

  • We can travel to any place on the earth, and with increasing speed. This allows easier access to translation teams and missionaries.


Specialized software

  • Word processing, phone apps for custom dictionaries, easy access to source documents, predictive translation tools relying on similar languages, and more.


Advanced linguistics studies

  • All languages in the world are being categorized and documented. We have confidence we can translate any language.


Better power systems



  • The great commission is a call for the Global Church. As more people and churches get involved in the process, we will make greater progress.
  • See the history of Bible translation:


Take a look at this video about technology and Bible translation:

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