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God has been growing in us a call to missions for quite some time, and we have been involved in various missions over the years. In February, Kirk lost his job;  it did not make sense. At the same time He had an interview with a large church in Menlo Park, California. It was looking like we were moving out West to Silicon Valley. For quite sometime. Kirk had been thinking he needed to be doing work in the church, but did not know where. This looked like the opportunity, they even flew him out for a final interview.  But no, God had other plans. Beth went back to being a gifted full-time  hospice nurse as Kirk’s job hunt continued. We were looking  nationally when one day Kirk googled (is that really a verb?) “Missions and IT” and up comes a week long experience at JAARS (about 1.5 hours south of us) called Check-IT-Out. It was an opportunity to meet technical people serving missionaries and even meeting missionaries from the field.  Kirk jokingly asked Beth if she wanted to make that our summer vacation. He was expecting a “What planet are you on?” type of response, but instead Beth embraces the idea and we made plans to go. We went, not really seeking a job, but for the connections and experience.  We saw how a once confusing and unsure past turned into a God size opportunity. God had been preparing for us to serve the global Church, in missions, bringing His message globally.

Picture from our Zambia Mission 2007


We are excited to have you partner with our mission with Wycliffe!

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