No Longer Left in the Dark

Intira Thipachot, with the Thailand Bible Society, is the Deaf on-screen signer for Thai Bible Society translation project.

Hundreds of sign languages exist around the world, but only one has a complete translation of the New Testament. Many Deaf are unable to use printed Bibles because sign languages are so different from spoken or written languages. To read the Bible, they would need to learn another language.
Terri Chapman leads a dedicated group of 39 making up the Global Sign Languages Team. While small in size they are big in heart and vision. This team is working globally to bring this message of eternal hope to the deaf communities of the world.

These sign language projects cannot succeed without the use of modern technology. Since they are working globally, it is much easier to communicate using video calls. Global Technology and Information Services (GTIS) provides training and support for a product called Zoom which is easy to use. Each member of the team can see and hear all the rest of the team on a single laptop screen. Collaboration tools such as G-Suite, from Google, also supported by GTIS, add to the ability to help these diverse teams collaborate globally.

Sign language projects are digital video-based and are created using leading edge recording and animation software. With multiple versions and editing of the recordings, large amounts of data storage are required. Terri says, “It is easy to go through a terabyte of data.” Backups and archives of this data are another challenge. The custom animation software was originally created by a small team of programmers at JAARS, but is now being supported with a partnership with the Deaf Bible Society, one of the many partners helping Bible translation overcome Bible poverty.

To do their work, Terri’s team requires laptops, internet access, collaboration tools, information security, and access to a network of Global technology service desks. GTIS and the Global Sign Language team exist, so the Deaf are not left in the dark but can come to understand the Good News and come to know God.


All content used with permission from original sources.

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