Path through the woods

Morning Prayer for Job Seekers

God, you are great and I am thankful for you being here to help me on my journey.

Keep me from the temptation of distraction, for there are many, and let me not fall into the pit of self-pity or depression. Instead, let me be excited about this adventure that is before me, and to make the most of this opportunity.

Father, I desire to know your truth for me, help me to know where I need to be looking. Who in this grand world of yours do you want me to reach out to today letting them know that I am available for work? Who can I encourage along this grand journey of life?

Grant me patience, peace, and the wisdom I need to seek a path that honors you. Help me to be diligent and organized this day. Assist me in creating and following a plan which will assist me as I put forth the effort that is required of me today.

Banish all pride from me, so that I can be a humble and willing servant this day. Let me find myself smiling more… knowing the love that you have for me is bountiful.

All so that your name will be praised and honored by my actions today.


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