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When do we start our training?

Our next training is in next summer. To attend we need to be at 50% or more of our financial goal. This training is called International Cultural Communications.

What about Beth's work?

Beth’s is working full-time at Hospice. Once we are fully funded, the plan is for her to homeschool, as Kirk serves in technology.

What about Kirk's work?

Developing partners is Kirk’s current job. (They actually have a written job description!)  He intends to put in about 30 hours a week at it. That is in addition to juggling homeschooling, home and family responsibilities.

What will we do with Wycliffe?

  • The position that is waiting for Kirk is in Waxhaw, NC at a facility called JAARS. He will be part of the Global Technology Information Systems team in the role of a Service Delivery Manager. It is basically one who helps the customers (global missionaries) obtain the quality technology tools and services they need for Bible translation.
  • Beth adds value wherever she goes. She will be an advocate for the Bibleless, a homeschooling mom, and she will continue to help us remain connected with our partners.
  • Alyssa, will gain the prestigious title of MK(Missionary Kid) and will be able to interact with other MK’s. She is also very helpful and will be exposed to cultures from around the world.

Will we move?

Not yet. We will stay at our current location until we have met our financial goals.

Then moving is part of this adventure. we have been blessed in this community, and the idea of moving is hard but commuting is expensive and we want to become part of our new community.

When will we start at JAARS?

This is what we call our “launch date.”  This all depends on when we achieve 100% in prayer and financial support of our Wycliffe ministry budget. We are thinking it would be wonderful if we can make the transition by the end of summer 2017.  God size goals, for God trusting people.


When will we start accepting financial support?

Now! We are seeking partners in both one-time gifts and monthly support. The sooner we reach our goal, the sooner we can help people know of God’s word!

How are we doing towards our financial goal?

On our main page we have a graphical indicator showing our progress towards our goals. This is updated at least monthly.

How is our budget determined?

Wycliffe establishes our budget and they determine what it should be depending on the area we live in. We are considered self-employed so we have to pay full taxes, full health insurance etc. The following chart is a breakdown of how donations will be utilized:


We are excited to have you partner with our mission with Wycliffe!

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