Waiting to Download…

Jacques Akplogan(in plaid shirt), and members of the local team are working to accelerate the rate of scripture translation in Togo, Africa. The rate of Bible translation is growing rapidly largely due to technology, and the backbone of current technology is the Internet. With internet access, teams can share files

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No Longer Left in the Dark

Intira Thipachot, with the Thailand Bible Society, is the Deaf on-screen signer for Thai Bible Society translation project. Hundreds of sign languages exist around the world, but only one has a complete translation of the New Testament. Many Deaf are unable to use printed Bibles because sign languages are so

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Technology and Bible Translation

God gave us the ability to make tools (technology). He also lets us choose what to do with them. BUT, he has given us a job to do (go into all the world, make disciples…) and these tools can make the job possible. Some of the items which will allow

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Small boat and sail

Yet to Go Deep

Here is an example of when people don’t have the scripture in their heart language… they end up mixing it up with sorcery and such. Consider becoming a partner with us so we can help end Bible poverty. “Though many Oya’oya people now profess Christianity and some attend church, there

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Pending storm on the rocks

The Morning After

There is change in the air. Changing weather often brings storms. When cool winter air meets spring warm air, there are often storms as a result. Recently we had heavy winds and even tornadoes warnings. My phone, which alerts me to various warnings, kept going off all afternoon.  Power even

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